Concrete Tactiles: Cautional and Directional Pavers.

Based in Brisbane, we provide sustainable pathway and platform safety solutions for a wide variety of commercial and government projects. Concrete Tactiles produce “INTEGRATED” tactiles, as opposed to “DISCRETE” which are added into surface later – (plastic and steel domes). This reduces maintenance costs and keeps the surface safe and functional for much longer. Produced by Stone Directions – Proud Australian Manufacturer of concrete products.
Tactile Pavers - Brisbane - Example from Eye Hospital - Southbank

Only the best will do

A great example of where quality and safety is paramount. You can’t afford to have anything other than top quality.  Seen here  – Voodoo colour – Brisbane City Council specified.
Tactile Pavers - Brisbane - Example from Eye Hospital - Southbank

Customised to your needs

Our Voodoo Tactiles are the preferred colour of the Brisbane City Council. We can customise colour to suit your commercial projects.
(We have made CCS Paperbark through to Terracotta)

Tactile Pavers - Brisbane - Example from Eye Hospital - Southbank

Supporting Australian Manufacturers

We manufacture locally and use local labour and locally supplied raw material.

Concrete Tactile Projects

Randwick Racecourse - Sydney

A state school - Brisbane

Gold Coast Convention Centre

Better bus stops for Logan

More than one third of all bus stops in Division 7 have been upgraded to be more accessible to people with a disability.

Through a joint funding initiative between Logan City Council and the state government, $118,000 has been spent on upgrading high-use bus stops.

The upgrade, 38 of which have been rolled out in Hillcrest, Boronia Heights and Greenbank, include levelling the ground at the bus stop sites so buses are more accessible to people in wheelchairs and people with a disability.

Member for Algester Leanne Enoch and Division 7 councilor Laurie Smith were in agreement that the new bus stops would help increase social inclusion.

“It’s about making sure people from all walks of life, no matter whether they have a disability or not, have access to public transport,” Cr Smith said.

Ms Enoch said funding in previous years had been used to upgrade public transport facilities like the Park and Rides, such as at Brown Plains.

“Now in this round it is more about making bus stops more accessible for locals,” she said.

“Lack of accessible public transport options can leave people living with a disability, elderly people, and those with small children trapped in their own homes and socially isolated.

“Programs like this are vital to ensuring we have a socially inclusive community which provides greater support for people with diverse needs.”

The 38 bus stops are among 100 marked for upgrades across the division and are among one hundred more throughout Logan.

Stone Directions – Main supplier for Logan City Council.
As pictured – Sungold Directionals & Brick Red Cautionals

Is it worth it?

Shown here. A degraded plastic alternative product. Southbank Brisbane major intersection.

Is it worth it?

Shown here. A degraded plastic alternative product. Southbank Brisbane major intersection.

Is it worth it?

Shown here. A degraded plastic alternative product. Southbank Brisbane major intersection.
Concrete Tactiles are becoming the material of choice for many councils and contractors.

Longevity, life cycle value and compliance are the key factors in many rejecting plastic and stick on tactiles which can be seen failing everywhere we look.

  • They cost more in the long run
  • Replacement labor costs
  • Unsightly
  • Non compliant
  • Dangerous
  • Trip hazards which is ironic

The choice for value and durability becomes very clear once you are aware of the many failed discrete tactile jobs Australia wide.

Crossing at large RSL – Sydney.

Scarborough north-end car park.

A Brisbane school failure.

Scarborough north-end new development.

Bribie Island Rd turnoff.
Aquatic Centre tactiles destroyed.


Important notes on colour:

The colours depicted in these photos of the colour range and projects should be taken as indicative only because of differences in colour monitors and lighting conditions during photography. Tactile pavers are made with uV resistant oxides but the colours of product may change over time due to the effects of water and efflorescence. See our notes in the Technical section on efflorescence and colour in concrete for more information.

How to specify:

When specifying Stone Directions’ pavers it is important to accurately refer to all of the following features:

  1.  Tactile Type – Cautional or Directional.
  2.  Size – 300X300X40 or 300X300X60.
  3. Colour (Voodoo, Gunmetal, Pearl Grey, Ivory, Sun Gold, Brick Red)
    eg. Tactile Cautional, 300X300X40, Sun Gold colour.

If you are required to allow for different brands of pavers, it is important to specify the following basic standards to ensure that other pavers being considered are of a comparable standard to Stone Directions.

  • Pavers must have a concrete compressive strength in excess of 50MPa.
  • Pavers must be manufactured using wet cast technology.
  • Pavers must have a thickness consistency of no more than +/- 2.5 mm.
  • Pavers must have a plan size consistency of no more than +/- 3.0 mm.
  • Pavers must be given an effective pre-delivery anti-efflorescence treatment.
  • The colour must be equivalent to the specified Stone Directions colour.