About us

Concrete Tactiles specialise in quality, high strength tactile paves. These are technically know as “TGSI” or Tactile Ground Surface Indicators. We are part of our larger company Stone Directions.’

Stone Directions are an Australian manufacturer of pre cast concrete products. Originally starting out as ‘Easy Crete’ in 1987, and ‘Stone Craft’, we finally had a name change to ‘Stone Directions’. Stone Directions has a 30 year history, supplying residential and commercial projects throughout Australia. Stone Directions is a trading name of ‘Paving Group Pty Ltd’.


Why choose Concrete Tactiles over competitors?

  • You’re supporting Australian Manufacturers. (local labour and locally supplied raw material)
  • A history of supplying the East Coast since 1987 (Cairns to Melbourne)
  • A 10 year product replacement Warranty
  • We are proudly endorsed as a major supplier to Logan City Council
  • We provide Architect specified products into commercial projects
  • Our Voodoo Tactiles are the preferred colour of the Brisbane City Council
  • Our product can be custom made into any specified colour. (We have made CCS Paperbark through to Terracotta)