Important notes on colour:

The colours depicted in these photos of the colour range and projects should be taken as indicative only because of differences in colour monitors and lighting conditions during photography.Tactile pavers are made with uV resistant oxides but the colours of product may change over time due to the effects of water and efflorescence. See our notes in the Technical section on efflorescence and colour in concrete for more information.

Now available in depth of 40mm and 60mm.
Directional pavers.
Cautional pavers.
How to specify:

When specifying Stone Directions’ pavers it is important to accurately refer to all of the following features:

  1.  Tactile Type – Cautional or Directional.
  2.  Size – 300X300X40 or 300X300X60.
  3. Colour (Voodoo, Gunmetal, Pearly Grey, Ivory, Sun Gold, Brick Red)
    eg. Tactile Cautional, 300X300X40, Sun Gold colour.

If you are required to allow for different brands of pavers, it is important to specify the following basic standards to ensure that other pavers being considered are of a comparable standard to Stone Directions.

  • Pavers must have a concrete compressive strength in excess of 50MPa.
  • Pavers must be manufactured using wet cast technology.
  • Pavers must have a thickness consistency of no more than +/- 2.5 mm.
  • Pavers must have a plan size consistency of no more than +/- 3.0 mm.
  • Pavers must be given an effective pre-delivery anti-efflorescence treatment.
  • The colour must be equivalent to the specified Stone Directions colour.